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Powerful LED is the leading producer of energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly and smart lighting. This is testified by careful attention to our work on behalf of the city government, businessmen and top bankers.

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What We do

Our Technology has been a global leader in producing next-generation LED lamps

For last several years, we have intensively invested in human resources and R&D in LED lightings,. As a result, Our Technology has successfully itself as the best manufacturer of LED lamps in Korea with its $60 million of annual sales in 2008 and 2009.

We have made the LED lamps with our unique superb heat dissipation and anti-glaring light guiding lens technologies protected by domestic and international patents. With the ever-developing technologies supported. Our lamps show the highest energy efficacy among the LED lamps in the world. Our LED lamps are one of the first KS (Korean industrial standards) certified LED lamps. Our Technology was endorsed as sole official LED lamps supplier to the Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co, Ltd. the world-class unclear power company. Our lamps are also certified by UL, CE, PSE, and FCC. The lamps also received German "iF Design Award" and "Good Design Product Award" proving excellency in their designs and quality. A full line of Our LED lamps fit for your need of lighting at home, offices, commercial buildings, shops, workplaces, shopping malls, parking lots, streets, and any places you need energy-efficient and environment-friendly lightings.

    Benefits of Our LED lamps are following:

  • High energy-efficient (saving significant energy cost up to 80% of saving)
  • Long lifetime (saving maintenance and replacement costs)
  • Environmentally friendly and responsible (minimizing environmental pollution caused by mercury, cadmium, and lead)
  • Low carbon emitting (using LED lamps reduces CO2 emissions with the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM))

In the midst of aggravating climate changes, many corporations in the world participated in the world trends in taking responsibility for environment as energy-concerned pro-environmental corporations. For large energy-consuming business and buildings, Our LED lamps are a visible and viable alternative for environmental energy-saving and the best solution for Negotiated Agreement on target management of energy and Voluntary Agreement on saving energy.

Our Technology, the world renown high brand of LED lamps and the global representative criteria for high-quality LED lamps, has changed the paradigm of old lighting industry. We became a leading environmental corporation. We promise to open the era of energy-concerned environmental corporations claiming high energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and low carbon business activities.

We wish your warm-hearted support and concerns.