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Powerful LED is the leading producer of energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly and smart lighting. This is testified by careful attention to our work on behalf of the city government, businessmen and top bankers.

LED Bulb

Indoor LED Crystal

LED Crystal Powerful advertising panel

"Crystal" panel series virtually weightless, thanks to a clear acrylic case and the lack of a frame.

They will easily fit in the most refined and stylish interior. These panels can be placed on walls, niches, in shop windows, using various types of fasteners. Ultra slim Crystal panel is the perfect tool to attract the attention of buyers.

LED Bulb


  • Standard size
  • Power consumption
  • The degree of dust and water-resistance
  • Illuminance at one meter from the panel
  • Standard advertising formats

  • 841 x 1189 x 22 mm
  • 40W / 40W
  • IP 20
  • 350-400 LX
  • 240 x 1189 1682 x 22 mm
    AO  841 x 1189 x 22 mm
    A1  594 x 841 x 22 mm
    A2  420 x 594 x 22 mm
    A2+ 684 x 510 x 10 mm
    A3  297 x 420 x 22 mm