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Powerful LED is the leading producer of energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly and smart lighting. This is testified by careful attention to our work on behalf of the city government, businessmen and top bankers.

Powerful Indoor and Outdoor Energy Saving LED Lighting & Bulbs

LED Bulb

LED Flood Lights

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LED outdoor and indoor Flood lights focusing beam into one direction to generate more light and replacing old metal halide floodlights.

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LED Bulb

LED Street Lights

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Powerful LED Street Lights having no lead, no mercury, no cadmium are eco-friendly and much better than conventional LED Streetlights.

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LED Bulb

Fluorescent Light Lamps

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LED Powerful Fluorescent Lamps gives light to your desired direction having adjustability, easy installation and built in Converter.


Our Top Products

LumiDas-CL candlelight

LumiDas-CL 5W Candlelight Type LED Lamps

Having a name in producing high quality LED products, Powerful LED presents Candle Light lamps that save almost 80% of the energy consumption. The price is 40% low from other LED lamps and lighting.

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LumiDas Classic

LumiDas Classic Indoor & Outdoor Lamps

Powerful LED presents Classic Indoor and outdoor lamps with highest quality. You can get 52W, 72W, 55W and 80W lamps for the large factories and places with very affordable prices.

LumiDas Indoor & Outdoor Classic Lights

LumiDas-T LED Tunnel Lamps

LumiDas-T LED tunnel lamps replace existing tunnel light. They consume much less energy than conventional. They are slim and shock-resistant, high quality oriented and low priced.

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Lumi-M-Stick Bar Type Lamp

Lumi-M-Stick is a bar type lamp made of white LED chips. Features include, high light output, low power consumption, long lifetime, and no ballast and complicated wiring. Lumi-M-Sticks replace conventional fluorescent lamps.

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LED Fluorescent Lamps (Integrated Type)

Powerful is feeling honor to offer LED Fluorescent Lamps having high quality and compact design too. Our Fluorescent Lamps are very easy and simple to install anywhere you want.

Powerful LED presents high quality Fluorescent Lamps
LumiSheet Lamp

LumiSheet Panel Type LED Lamps

Powerful LumiSheet Panel Type LED Lamps replace conventional incandescent lamps with high efficiency and having an ability to save more energy. Our panel type LED lamps are affordable.

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Advertisement lightings for the individual order on the base of the led technology and has a lot of forms and sizes

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LED Featured Products

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Our Mission

The world renown high brand of LED Lamps

Our Technology, the world renowned high brand of LED lamps and the global representative criteria for high-quality LED lamps, has changed the paradigm of old lighting industry. We became a leading environmental corporation. We promise to open the era of energy-concerned.

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What We do

Powerful LED Lights Manufacturer & Supplier

For last several years, we have intensively invested in human resources and R&D in LED lights. As a result, Our Technology has successfully established itself as the best manufacturer of LED lamps in Korea with its $60 million of annual sales in 2008 and 2009.

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Quality Label

The world renown high brand of LED Lamps

Powerful LED always feels pleasure to offer the highest level of quality to the beloved customers. We never compromised quality of our LED lights and lamps. We have a big name in the industry of LED lightings due to providing utmost quality.